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This is a neko. That means they look human but with cat ears and tail. Also fangs, claws, and cat-like abilities! It's also done from Hollyleaf's point of view.

I woke up slowly to find I was restrained to a bed. "Where in the name of StarClan am I?" I asked practically myself. I was startled when an answer came, "You somewhere where no one will find you." I knew that voice! "Sol! Let me out of here!" I shouted at him angrily. The last thing I remember was taking a walk in the woods. My guess was that he must've snuck up on me and knocked me out. My head did hurt a little. He stepped out so I could see him. Only wearing his boxers. 'What the hell?' I thought. He was smiling at me strangely. The same smile he gave me three years ago.
I was only sixteen when I first met him with my older brothers. Jayfeather was eighteen at the time and Lionblaze was nineteen. When Sol had given me that smile, they saw it. Lionblaze pushed me behind him and kept me close to him the whole time. Jayfeather later said that he and Lionbaze didn't like the way Sol smiled at me. I was really confused.
*End Flashback*
I didn't know what that smile meant back then, but I did now. It was lust. Sol came to my side and ran his fingers through my long raven hair. "I've wanted you since I fiurst saw you, Hollyleaf. I just wanted to grab you and hump away." his gaze was now on my "Save The Panda" T-shirt. I gasped when he tore it off. He turned smiled at me, "I'm going to savor every second of this." With that he did away with my shorts. All that remained on my already far too exposed body, was my bra and panties. I began to pray to StarClan, but my pleas went unanswered. It was then I realized that my bra had been ripped off and laid on the ground. He was now eyeing my black lace panties. I made a sad attempt to break to ropes hold down my legs as he began to slowly tear them. In a few heartbeats my panties lay on the floor with the rest of my clothes, torn to sheds. He had taken off his boxers and I was astonished and frightened by his size. I was too young! But that didn't bother him at all as he found his way over top her bare body. "Are you ready?" he asked. I shook my head, "No! Please no!" But I was ignored and screamed in pain as he thrusted inside me, breaking my hymen. "You'll like it soon." Sol said, begining to go in and out of me. It was horrible! The pain was so bad I feared I might die right there and then. But then I began to moan. It was starting to feel...nice. I'm guessing Sol heared me because he began going a little faster. After about two minutes he was thrusting hard and I was begging for more. I'd never felt anything so good in my life, I just wanted more. "Oh, Sol! Fuck me harder! Pound your huge cock into my tight pussy!" I could barely comprehend the words coming from my mouth, but I bet Sol could. It felt amazing when he released into me. And just like that it was over, Sol pulled himself out making a squelching sound. The sun was setting outside the one window.
I know how wrong it was. Me being nineteen while Sol, I'm guessing, was around twenty-nine. I felt guilty and somehow satisfied, as though my body had wanted it all these years. Sol gave me some clothes and told me to sleep after he'd changed the sheets. By the next morning I was allowed to leave with a warning that still makes the hairs on the back of my neck rise. "If you tell anyone about this, I'll be forced to kill you. Good-bye now, Hollyleaf"
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